Teams and SharePoint Site URL

Have you tried to find the SharePoint Online Site URL’s location for Teams from the SharePoint Online admin center? Probably it’s hiding and cannot be retrieved from SharePoint Online admin, so in case you stumble into this problem, here are some things you can try.

Office 365 provisions every group created for each team with a SharePoint Online site collection. Microsoft seems to be moving away from referring to collections, possibly because the wide majority of collections are created from Office 365 Groups and Teams and therefore hold one site.

There are a few ways to find the SharePoint Online URL’s location for Teams, from Exchange Online PowerShell, Graph API, and Teams PowerShell, or even open the SharePoint group from your Teams console.

Finding SharePoint URLs for Teams

From Exchange Online PowerShell, type the following command:

Get-UnifiedGroup | Select-Object DisplayName, SharePointSiteUrl

Finding SharePoint URLs for Teams

From Microsoft Teams, PowerShell runs the following command:

$Teams = (Get-Team |Select-Object GroupId, DisplayName)
ForEach ($T in $Teams) {$SPOURl = (Get-UnifiedGroup -Identity $T.GroupId | Select -ExpandProperty SharePointSiteURL) Write-Host “URL for the” $T.DisplayName “Microsoft Team is” $SPOURL}

The command provides us the following information.

  • SharePointSiteURL
  • SharePointDocumentsURL
  • SharePointNotebookURL


The Admin Center displays the URLs, but it doesn’t distinguish between team sites that belong to Microsoft Teams or those used by an Office 365 Group that isn’t team-enabled. Although you can create a CSV file from the Admin Center containing the site URL for all the tenant active sites, you still must isolate which sites belong to Teams and which don’t. 

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  1. habibalby says:

    This will do as well;
    Get-SPOSite -Filter {Url -like “’sSharePointSite*”} | Select Url | Export-CSV C:\Scripts\SiteUrls.csv

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