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Cloud Based Attacks – MitB

The transition to the cloud involves new challenges as well as existing risks but more new risks related only to the cloud, an organization that goes to the cloud must be aware of the above...


Integrating Lookout with Windows Defender ATP

Microsoft and Lookout have partnered to enable organizations to securely embrace mobile device in the security workplace. The integration combines Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security with Microsoft 365 Security (aka Office 365 & EMS & Windows)....


Configure Lookout & Microsoft Intune

Lookout’s mobile app, Lookout for work, is installed and run on mobile devices. This app captures file system, network stack, and device and application telemetry where available, then sends it to the Lookout cloud service...


Lookout and Mobile Integration (Intune Part 1)

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security has worked with Microsoft to connect through APIs the functions of Lookout to act as a signal for device compliance, thereby supporting Conditional Access based on the health of applications installed...

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