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Restricted RDP for Admin (RestrictedAdmin)

In every version of the Windows client and Windows server, there are some security improvements. Some of them are meaningful, and others less. There are relevant security features with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012...


Prepare and Deploy TDAD (Javelin)

This post will describe the steps to prepare and deploy TDAD (Javelin). This is part of a series of articles about Javelin AD Protect and installing, configuring, and investigating incidents. This one will focus on...


Javelin AD Protect – Introduction

This is part of series articles about Javelin AD Protect and how to install, configure and investigate incidents. this post will introduce the Javelin AD Protect. The Symantec Endpoint Threat Defense for AD, aka AD...


AD Security – Weak Passwords

Each company has different security challenges, but the common is securing Active Directory, which remains a critical issue because it’s used to store increasing amounts of data. Currently, businesses face a major risk in granting...


Active Directory Password Spray Attack

In a password spray attack, the hacker tries the most common passwords across many different accounts and services to gain access to any password-protected assets they can find. Usually, these span many various organizations and identity...

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