Author: SecWriter


MDI Sensor on ADCS fails to start

Microsoft Defender for Identity Group recently released the Active Directory Certificate Service (ADCS) support and expanded its coverage with a new AD CS sensor!. Great milestone. Like other sensor types in Microsoft Defender for Identity,...


Persistence via App Registration in Entra ID

Cloud Service Principal is the key, abuse the hole, or the misconfiguration. While I’m investigating or attacking the cloud for many components on a daily basis. I find a lot of abuses. Some of them...


Microsoft Sentinel Schema & Tables

One of the key features of Microsoft Sentinel is the ability to ingest data from different sources, such as Azure services, Microsoft 365, third-party solutions, and custom connectors. Logs and Tables can store, query, and...


EASM vs. PT vs. VM & Defender EASM Approaches

Many times people asked me about the differences between external attack surface management, vulnerability management, and penetration testing. Mostly “What will be the and the right approach to handling security tools alongside the behavior and...

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