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MDI Sensor on ADCS fails to start

Microsoft Defender for Identity Group recently released the Active Directory Certificate Service (ADCS) support and expanded its coverage with a new AD CS sensor!. Great milestone. Like other sensor types in Microsoft Defender for Identity,...


Azure ATP Network Exception

This post is a part of Azure ATP troubleshooting and focuses on Azure ATP errors with short ways to troubleshoot the issues and solutions. After deployed Azure ATP sensor on a domain controller server 2016...


Microsoft Defender for Identity Basic Deployment

Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Azure ATP) is a cloud service based that allows you to detect advanced threats and is the Microsoft ATA solution’s evolution. Azure ATP is part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security...


Microsoft Defender ATP and Azure ATP Integration

The following post focuses on integration between Windows Defender ATP and Azure ATP and how this integration brings us powerful. Once integrating Windows Defender ATP into Azure ATP, you can leverage the full power of...


Azure ATP first impressions

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection services getting the third piece in the puzzle with Azure ATP. The ATP has three ATP services and for the first time a complete solution for Kill Chain scenario from the...

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