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VSCode from Everywhere

In this post, we shall learn about VSCode.Dev, the VSCode Online Editor which does not need any installation. Around October 2020, the VSCode team announced the availability of vscode dev, a development tool that can...

Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync - PHS Scenario 0

Azure AD Cloud Sync First impressions

This blog post overviews the Azure AD Cloud Sync, some configurations, and first impressions from the field. Do you remember the days with the first directory synchronization method? For example, the one with BPOS on...

KQL Hero 3

KQL – The mother of all languages in Azure

KQL, the Kusto Query Language, is used in many Microsoft services, including the Azure and Microsoft Security platforms such as the ATP family. This post is part of a series of blog posts about KQL....

How to Build AKS with Azure CLI 2

How to Build AKS with Azure CLI

Kubernetes is a modern approach rapidly becoming the standard methodology to manage cloud-native applications in a production environment. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) has produced solutions that allow customers to create fully-managed Kubernetes clusters quickly and easily....

Azure Guides 0

How to Create Azure Functions App

Azure Functions makes the app development process more productive and let you launch serverless applications on Microsoft Azure. It helps you process data, coordinating with different systems for many platforms and components, for example, IoT,...


Become an Azure Monitor Ninja

Are you working with Azure Monitor? A repository with lots of content about Azure Monitor, including recorded sessions, articles, architectures, diagrams, and valuable content. Become an Azure Monitor Ninja with a Complete level 200-400 training...

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