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The Role of the SOC in DevSecOps

There are many buzzes, topics, areas, and responsibilities to take care of in every environment – SIEM, SOC, DevSecOps, Cloud-Native Security, App Risk, App Sec. WOW. This post focuses on The Role of the SOC...


Azure Sentinel Tables and Structure

The following post Azure Sentinel Tables and Structure, describe the table and structure in Azure Sentinel. Azure Sentinel Data is based on Azure Log Analytics, and this is similar to Azure Monitor itself. Data in...


Choose Preferred Directory on AWS

One of the areas that Amazon Web Services certainly excels at is in providing options for its customers. This is evident by visiting the AWS Products and Services page and reviewing the wide array of...


Block ONMICROSOFT Domain in Office 365

Microsoft cloud services, especially the Office 365 service, are under attack at all times. Every day, customers experience various sophisticated and varied attacks, whether at the level of identities or phishing. The following Block ONMICROSOFT...

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