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API Security and Things ~ AppSec 101

When it comes to API Security, it looks like the main issue is the misinformation spread on social networks and every other place, primarily because of the vendors. The vendors take it to their interests,...


The Role of the SOC in DevSecOps

There are many buzzes, topics, areas, and responsibilities to take care of in every environment – SIEM, SOC, DevSecOps, Cloud-Native Security, App Risk, App Sec. WOW. This post focuses on The Role of the SOC...

DevSecOps Framework - The Big Picture 0

DevSecOps Framework – The Big Picture

Secure DevOps, DevSecOps, App Risk, App Sec, and shifting left have become increasingly popular terms in cybersecurity. Organizations face misconfigurations and other security issues and challenges and struggle with implementing a secure DevSecOps approach and...

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