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Manage Microsoft Teams Policy through PowerShell

Recently Microsoft introduced background effects in Microsoft Teams, and many users started to use these little feature backgrounds. And in addition, there is another possibility to use the custom backgrounds and upload your image from...


EXO Basic to Modern AUTH, October 2020

Are you still working with Basic Authentication for Exchange Online? probably you’ve got a lot of users, applications, IT script and other third-party apps that connect and using Basic Authentication against your Exchange Online. Recently...


Check SharePoint Online Version

How to check the SharePoint Online Version?ย While SharePoint does not have a version button or about box with version info, each version has a few distinctive features. Unfortunately, you won’t always see these features if...


Block ONMICROSOFT Domain in Office 365

Microsoft cloud services, especially the Office 365 service, are under attack at all times. Every day, customers experience various sophisticated and varied attacks, whether at the level of identities or phishing. The following Block ONMICROSOFT...


Enable Office 365 MFA with PowerShell

Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service is part of Microsoft Azure and is linked to Azure Active Directory, where all Office 365 identities reside. The post Enable Office 365 MFA with PowerShell to describe the...

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