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Legacy & Cloud-Native SIEM

Sentinel. Sentry a defender always on the guard who aims to protect and withstand threats, anticipate any attack, assume that it will arrive, and adjust the behavior accordingly. Be present to protect the assets and...

W3b^Pp$ec: Azure Sentinel LAB Series - SQLi 0

W3b^Pp$ec: Azure Sentinel LAB Series – SQLi

Managing comprehensive security products and security controls can be complicated, requiring a specific skill set and controlling all over the security process. In addition to managing complexity, monitoring the simulation activities, alerts, and results is...


Identity Attacks with Azure Sentinel

There are few terms for credential attacks, such as password attacks, identity attacks, dictionary attacks, etc. Identity attacks come in different styles with different nuances. The most prevalent attacks are the Password Spray and Brute-force...

Unified SIEM and XDR 0

Unified SIEM and XDR – Azure Sentinel and Defender 365

Integrated threat protection from Microsoft will empower your organization’s defenders by putting the right tools and intelligence in the hands of the right people. Get insights across your entire environment with Azure Sentinel. Use integrated, automated,...


Deploy and Configure Azure Sentinel

The following post is part of a series of articles that will focus on the many capabilities and options of Azure Sentinel, from the beginning with deployment, through configure connectors to the setting and using...

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