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Azure AD Domain Join and OKTA

Recently, I have run into a scenario which OKTA is positioned as the IDaaS solution for all cloud applications and a specially for Azure AD and for Office 365. This requires some integration with the...


Windows Forensics Analysis (Evidence)

Digital information and evidence taken from a computer are used to aid in an investigation. While computer forensics was originally limited largely to online fraud and hacking, today, it serves as a powerful investigative tool...

Troubleshooting Endpoint Manager Policy with Windows 10 3

Troubleshooting Endpoint Manager Policy with Windows 10

If you’re having problems deploying, managing, and apply Microsoft Intune policies for Windows 10, this guide can provide some information and the process to troubleshoot and diagnose policy. Microsoft Intune has many error codes for...


Install Kali Linux on Windows 10

Great news for the one who has a dual operating system with Windows 10 and Kali and hackers, now Kali Linux is available on Microsoft App Store for Windows 10, just any other application. Kali...


Guard endpoints with Windows 10 and Defender ATP

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update takes Windows 10 security a few levels up with advanced features such as Exploit Guard, Device Guard, Credentials Guard, and others. Most advanced features are integrated with Windows Defender...

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